Septic Tank Maintenance
We're Here To Solve Your Septic Problems

If you have a septic tank on your property, you may not think about it too often. When a septic tank becomes clogged or overflows, there can be inconvenient consequences. Dealing with the aftermath of these problems can be costly. To avoid having issues with your septic tank, regular maintenance is necessary along with following a few guidelines.

At Val Gross Blue Mills Plumbing, we understand septic systems and our team is always ready to maintain and correct any issues you may be having with your septic tank. Don’t hesitate to call our septic installation and repair experts at (816) 875-9299 with any questions.

What can you do to prevent septic tank problems?

Follow these general tips to keep your septic tank in working condition and avoid clogs and overload. Here are some simple septic maintenance guidelines:
  • Be careful when planting trees or shrubs near the septic tank
  • Avoid dumping excessive cooking oils and grease
  • Avoid flushing sanitary items, cotton swabs and non-biodegradable items
When you have septic tank trouble, trust us for service that’s up to 50% cheaper than competitors!
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