Gas Lines
Gas Line Repair Specialists

Gas lines do not last forever and serious repercussions can occur when a problem with a gas line, valve, connector, or pipe does occur. Val Gross Blue Mills Plumbing will provide gas line repair when a problem strikes. When you partner with our skilled professionals, you can rest assured your Eastern Jackson County home or business will be in good hands.

Signs You Could Need Gas Line Repair

Natural gas is colorless and there is a “rotten egg” smell that will help people detect a leak. Other signs you have a gas line leak include browning or deterioration of grass or other plants around a leak. Problems with a gas line are more likely to occur as your home ages and can be caused by water corrosion, incorrect installation, foundations that shift, or drying out of thread sealant. 

If you detect a gas line leak, call 911 and your gas company immediately!

What To Do When You Think You Have a Gas Leak
  • Don’t turn any electric devices on or off, including light switches
  • Vacate your home and call the gas company
  • Call 816-254-9416 Val Gross Blue Mills Plumbing to ensure your family's safety
Unlike most plumbing companies, our business specializes in underground utilities. With more than 30 years of gas line repair experience, you are getting expert service. Val Gross Blue Mills Plumbing is licensed and insured in Eastern Jackson County. We will diagnose the problem and locate the leak. We will then provide expert gas line repair, test for quality and get your gas line system running safely again.
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