Plumbing Services

At Val Gross Blue Mills Plumbing, we offer more than just your standard plumbing services. We know all kinds of plumbing systems in and outside of your house, above and below the ground. Unlike other small plumbing companies, Val Gross Blue Mills Plumbing has the resources that large plumbing companies offer but we can provide them at an affordable cost to you. With us, you will receive high-tech resources, best quality services and a detail-oriented service team all at an affordable plumbing price.


Unlike other plumbing contractors, Val Gross Blue Mills Plumbing provides the excavation services necessary for septic tank installation.

Sewer Line Inspection

Most people never think about their sewer lines or sewer drain until something goes wrong. If you do develop a problem with your sewer lines, Val Gross Blue Mills Plumbing is here to help. We have decades of experience fixing damaged sewer drain lines.

We have the resources and knowledge to install septic tanks properly, from the removal of old, broken septic tanks to installing a brand new septic tank that will last for years to come!

Septic Tank Maintenance

At Val Gross Blue Mills Plumbing, we understand the septic system and our team is always ready to maintain and correct any issues your septic tank may be experiencing.

Whether you are looking to repair your sink faucet, spruce up your shower, repair a leaky pipe or a toilet that's constantly running, Val Gross Blue Mills Plumbing can help.

Gas Lines

Gas lines do not last forever and you can have extremely serious repercussions when a problem with a gas line, valve, connector, or pipe does occur. Val Gross Blue Mills Plumbing will provide gas line repair when a problem strikes.

Sewer Inspection

We know that not too many people would be excited to get a look inside sewer pipes, but we think it’s pretty great. The use of our high-tech video cameras makes it possible for us to visually inspect every inch of your underground sewer lines and pipes.

Water Heaters

We have the expertise to detect the exact location of the broken water pipe and will make sure it gets fixed right away. We want to make sure that your family’s drinking water is safe and your water bills are back to normal.
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